Bamboo Veneer - The Top Trend in the Future

When it comes to the furniture, people will think of all kinds of bamboo products. It means that bamboo products are gradually accepted by more and more people because of its main material - bamboo veneer. This is true that bamboo veneer has been got widely used not in furniture, but also in the backplane of containers, packing boxes, car and train, home floor, indoor ceiling, door plank and so on. It is sure that bamboo veneer will be the top trend in the future as building material.

Anti-compression and anti-bending

Anti-compression and anti-bending is one of the remarkable advantages of bamboo veneer. And thus it has replaced the steel moulding plate in some regions.


Compared to wood, bamboo grows fast, people can get it in short time when it comes to great demands. In the past years, wood takes the main place in the market of building materials, however, our planting speed can not keep up with the speed of cutting, then our forest in China has got badly damaged and also caused great threat to humans. In order to better protect our forest and our environment, bamboo products will take the place of wooden products. And our government will give most support for bamboo veneer.

Low cost

The price of bamboo products will be lower than wooden products as the bamboo grows faster than wood. Thus bamboo veneer has lower cost than wooden products.

Long life

Special manufacture craft determines that bamboo veneer is anti-corrosion and anti moth, then it will have long life.

In conclusion, bamboo products have great advantages than wooden products in most of respects. Bamboo veneer will replace wood and become the top trend building materials in the future.

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Bamboo Veneer - The Top Trend in the Future