Buy Top Quality Bamboo Flooring

The development history of bamboo flooring in China is not too long, in fact, it is only eight or nine years. In recent years, bamboo flooring industry develops rapidly and lots of bamboo flooring products can be found in market.

When selecting flooring for home decoration, bamboo flooring becomes people’s first choice because of its remarkable characteristics, for example, it is natural, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, what’s more, it is great decoration to show your cultural taste. However, please be careful that there are sill some poor quality bamboo flooring in market because there are huge differences between different bamboo flooring manufacturing enterprises such as production equipment, production technology and so on.

Here are some useful tips you can adopt when buying bamboo flooring

Firstly, all the product information should be integrated. Generally speaking, the top quality product, not only bamboo flooring, have integrated product information such as manufacturer, brand, product standard, inspection level, instructions, after-sales service and so on. With these integrated product information, it is the signal that such bamboo flooring is manufactured by formal enterprises with a certain scale, therefore its quality can be guaranteed.

Secondly, pay attention on bamboo flooring appearance and painting quality. As usual, the color of bamboo flooring can be divided into natural color flooring and carbonization flooring. The color should be golden and transparent if it is natural color flooring while it should be bronze and brown if it is carbonized bamboo flooring, meanwhile, color should be uniform and full of shine.

As for the oil painting quality, just place the bamboo flooring under the sunshine and check whether there is bubble, pocking mark on flooring surface.

Thirdly, please not to ignore internal quality. Looking at texture at first, and you can also use hands to estimate its weight, when taking it at hands, if you feel it is light, the raw material of this bamboo flooring is fresh bamboo. If you notice the texture of flooring is not clear, it must be made from old bamboo.

Looking at bamboo flooring structure to check whether it is symmetrical, which can be found at both sides of fracture surface of flooring. It is stable and durable if the structure is symmetrical. Please check the agglutination condition, you can tear into a few pieces, then find whether there is a few layers.

Finally, production precision. As for production precision, you can take some pieces at random to check, here is the method, place these bamboo flooring on floor, then check both tenon and groove condition, the flooring structure is stable if combination part is good.

After rearing article above, do you get useful knowledge? And welcome to share yourself experience on buying top quality bamboo flooring.

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