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Comprehensive Understanding Bamboo Flooring

The new bamboo decorative material such as bamboo flooring are considered as the most environmentally friendly material. On the one hand, it comes from natural raw material, and it is warm in cold winter and cool in hot summer, on the other hand, lots of forest resources are excessive deforestation and can not be recovered in the short time, bamboo raw material, without doubt, is the best substitute goods.

On the consumer white paper about bamboo flooring which was published in recent days, it clearly pointed out that bamboo flooring is the environmentally friendly decorative material from its raw material, manufacture and quality control, however, there are still some shortcomings, as consumer, we should have the comprehensive understanding.

At firstly, let us talk about the merit and demerit of bamboo flooring

Generally speaking, there is only a little chromatic aberration on bamboo flooring when comparing with solid wooden flooring, here is the reason, as you know, the growth radius of bamboo is too much less than that of wood, so that it will not be affected by sunlight, as a result, there is no obvious nightside and sunny side. When paving bamboo flooring at home, you can clearly see its abundant bamboo lines and its color and lustre is too much uniform.

In addition to chromatic aberration advantage, its surface hardness is another remarkable advantage, because of the plant crude fibre structure, its natural hardness is too much higher than wooden raw material, at least more than doubled, under such circumstance, it is not easy to be out of shape.

When buying flooring for home or office decoration, lots of people would pay attention on the price, at this time, bamboo flooring would become your wise choice because of its relatively low price. As usual, the price of top grade bamboo flooring is equivalent to that of low grade wooden flooring.

As for disadvantages of bamboo flooring, it is easy to come unglued. During flooring productive process, binding material would used to connect different bamboo chips together, different manufacturers will use different binding materials, degumming condition would happen if poor quality binding material was used. The stability performance of bamboo flooring is not as good as wooden flooring, especially at south region, for example, flooring is easy to be separated into different layers because of blazing sunlight for quite a long time and moist environment, what’s more, bamboo flooring will be damaged by worms in this region so that its working life will be shortened greatly.

No matter the disadvantages of bamboo flooring, it will become primary decorative flooring in the future, which is the inevitable trend. According to latest statistical data, only the five years, the total production and sales amount is about 10 percent of total flooring industry.

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