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5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Veneer

Architects, interior designers, and woodworkers have recently been hearing a new question from clients: how can we make this project more green, or environmentally friendly? The answer is bamboo veneer.

1. Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo veneer is the most environmentally friendly wood veneer available, because its source is so renewable. In fact, bamboo, which is really classified as a grass and not wood, can grow around a foot and half per day!

2. Cost Effective: If customers are looking to pinch pennies, bamboo isn't necessarily the lowest-priced veneer, but it is middle of the road in price and offers top of the line quality, style and eco-friendliness, making it a great overall value for the dollar.

3. Exotic: Although bamboo can grow in any non-polar region in the world, it is more well-known as a species coming from Asia. Even though it probably shouldn't matter, products originating from far away seem to have a certain allure that customers like.

4. Color Variety: Bamboo comes in a natural color, which is yellowish or blonde, and a carbonized color, which is a buckskin or tan variety. Either color often goes well with many different species.

5. Grain Pattern: Two very interesting grain patterns are available, vertical and planked. Vertical grain is a thin and tight 1/4" grain. Planked has a much thicker 1/4" grain and looks like a butcher block. Both grains can come in both colors, meaning there are a total of four different color/grain varieties.

Bamboo veneer can be used on furniture, shelving, tables, walls, cabinetry and much more.

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