Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush is produced from solid bamboo strips, we make different designs for the handle to offer various options for the customers. Bamboo is more strong and flexible for the handle than plastic. Bamboo toothbrush can have 2 colors - natural and carbonized, natural color is original color of bamboo strip, close to white, carbonized color is steamed color, close to coffee.

Protection of the environment is everyone's responsibility, from the trivial, from lifestyle changes starting from the use of green and healthy new product - Bamboo toothbrush begins. Global population of about 6.7 billion, China's population of about 1.3 billion. China's annual production and use of the toothbrush are around 7 billion, if bamboo toothbrush replaces of plastic toothbrush, then annual savings are 5 million tons of oil, avoiding of 28 million square meters environmental pollution, reducing 8,000,000 tons carbon dioxide emissions. If the world's 6.7 billion population are using bamboo toothbrush, annual savings are 25.77 million tons of oil, 144.3 million square meters environmental pollution, reduce 41.23 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

After the scale of production, it can increase of bamboo cultivation. Bamboo for maintaining ecological balance and protect the human living environment has an important role. Bamboo has full of advantages, like lush foliage, root pieces developed, with the regulation of climate, water conservation, soil and water conservation, soil anti summary, wind reduction and other good features.

Bamboo toothbrush's production not only increases employment channels for farmers, but also brings direct economic income of 420 million yuan for farmers each year.

With greatest impact on the human body, plastic toothbrush contains chemical substances: Bisphenol A (i.e. BPA, and synthetic resins for the production of polycarbonate ) and phthalates ( a method for soft plastic, stretch-resistant chemicals ). Bamboo toothbrush replaced of plastic toothbrush, consumers will reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, hyperactivity and cancer risk , consumers will be more oral and physical health and wellness.

Every eco toothbrush features:

Biodegradable Brush Handle!

Made from Sustainable Bamboo!

Packaged from Recycled Materials!

Naturally Anti-microbial!

Highest Quality Dupont Tynex Bristles!

Organically grown, Nontoxic, and BPA Free!

Panda-friendly, too!

bamboo toothbrush
bamboo toothbrush
bamboo toothbrush