Bamboo Slats

Bamboo is into people's life widely and deeply, not only flooring, but everywhere. By using bamboo to decorate the house, it will enhance your life and make your house natural and eco friendly.

Bamboo slats are made from carefully selected Moso bamboo, processed from bamboo shoots and prepared into beautiful accent pieces for furniture and countertops. Bamboo slats are harvested from the outer skin and wall of large diameter bamboo and cut into strips along the length of the pole. Three sides of the bamboo are machine milled while the face side is left natural.

Bamboo slats are used for wall covering, bars, ceilings, wainscotings, also can trim picture frames and mirrors. Bamboo slats are sold in their natural honey color or various stained colors. A simple oil based stain can transform our natural slats to any desired color to enhance and match any decor with this natural and eco friendly material.

Bamboo slats are installed using screws inserted into pre-drilled holes or are nailed through the nodes using pneumatic nail guns. Application is easy and effortless; each strip can be nailed, screwed, glued or bolted. Each piece can be joined side by side for a tight and finished look.

Standard slats size is 1000x40x8mm, but can be cut to size. Bamboo slats are perfectly straight.


- 1) The back of the bamboo slats has been sanded to make a flattened surface.

- 2) Easy to install, hand work, diy material.

- 3) Wide usage and applications by disguise joints on decorative mats and boards, borders for chair-rails or wainscot dividers.

Bamboo Slats Size: 1830 x 45mm or 1830 x 50mm

bamboo slats
bamboo slats