Bamboo Plywood is Ideal Material for Making Modern Furniture

Bamboo has been used in flooring, building and furniture since its strength and durability were discovered in ancient Asia. Used as raw materials, the bamboo was tied or nailed together for simple uses including flooring, roofing and other uses such as boats, fishing gear and cooking items.

Bamboo is not only very well known for its beauty, but its renewable properties allow it to be one of the greatest environmentally friendly resources to build with. During its growth, bamboo does not require fertilizer or pesticides. It reaches its maturity after growing for about five years. This five year mark is what makes bamboo highly renewable - where it takes most other types of wood tens of hundreds of years to multiply, thousands of bamboo shoots are created.

Bamboo's original color is very light, almost a white color. When carbonized, or steamed, the color will turn a rich, dark brown, like caramel. This look is often preferred, as the carbonization adds a bit of a ritzy look to the bamboo. Today bamboo plywood is manufactured in plants and factories. In order to have shoots hold together in plywood style, the bamboo must be pressed together with adhesive and heat. Typically, a layer of polyurethane or other shiny substance will be applied to the surface of the plywood to give it appeal.

Bamboo plywood is made of fine layers of bamboo strips laying in parallel order. Whether you are making bedroom furniture or living room furniture, bamboo plywood is structurally stronger than natural wood. It is ideal for making furniture and especially when you are looking for a cheap bedroom set. Bamboos are used as furniture material and fencing carbonized color, these materials are steamed under high temperature to change from natural to carbonized. Being one of the most eco- friendly and safe material, it is great for making furniture, door, cabinet, bed, worktop, kitchen counter top, kitchen chopping board and anything you wish for.

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Bamboo Plywood is Ideal Material for Making Modern Furniture