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Bamboo Parquet: Features and Sizes

Among the wooden floors in recent times they are proving successful bamboo floors, thanks to the resemblance with traditional parquet. It is a natural, ecological and remarkable aesthetic choice. Bamboo is a plant belonging to the family of weeds that grows mainly in China and Japan, where it is possible to find 1200 different species. The variety of bamboo used for floors is an evergreen shrub that reaches 30 meters high and expands very quickly, after cutting immediately sprouts emerge and in just three years the plant is completely regenerated.

The bamboo plant

The bamboo is a grass that grows and spontaneously and very quickly reproduces so, for his collection, not in any way contribute to the deforestation of the planet. In addition, for an even more prudent choice it is always advisable to make sure that you use the products of companies using resource-derived material responsibly (FSC certification).

Quality of bamboo flooring

Parquet floors made with bamboo do not require the use of artificial dyes and thus contribute to maintaining the ideal wellness at home. From an aesthetic point of view, a bamboo flooring delivers great elegance and warmth to an apartment and is particularly suited to minimal, linear and modern environments. Besides being pleasing to the eye, bamboo is also pleasant to the touch: it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Compared to common parquet wood, the bamboo has an exceptional hardness, which greatly avoids the possible formation of scratches and abrasions. Along with its elasticity, this prerogative has earned it the nickname of natural steel.

Technical characteristics of bamboo flooring

Let's see the main technical features of this wood:

• Endurance and lightness

• High modulus of elasticity

• Low retreat

• Remarkable stability.

Compared to other woods, bamboo has greater stability. This means that it resists much better to natural contractions and dilatations due to changes in temperature and humidity conditions to which natural materials such as wood are subject.

In bamboo the combustion process is much slower than in other woods. To make an example, if a cigarette lighter is lit, it will not only not burn the affected list, but it will not leave any traces if removed in time.

It is very water resistant, so it is also suitable for flooring the rooms in the damp house, such as kitchen and bathroom. The fact that the material is more water resistant than ordinary wood, however, does not mean it is completely immune to damage. Therefore, due attention is always desirable. It also has remarkable antibacterial properties: it is ant allergic and is resistant to cracks and molds. The bamboo floors are easy to clean, thanks to special treatments to which they are subjected during the production phase. This type of parquet does not absorb dirt, so liquids such as coffee, oil, vinegar, etc. can be easily cleaned. For daily cleaning, simply rinse with a broom or vacuum cleaner and, occasionally, wash with a neutral detergent and a well-wrinkled cloth. It should not be waxed.

Bamboo cost and life cycle

One point in favor of choosing bamboo flooring is undoubtedly the cost, far inferior to the various parquet flooring, despite its exotic origin. This feature is due to the fact that the raw material regenerates spontaneously and continuously. A bamboo plant in fact reaches full maturity already between 5 and 7 years and this aspect makes it also an eco-friendly material. Certainly, as time goes on, even a bamboo parquet can deteriorate and ruin. However, the material can be brought to life thanks to special finishing treatments, such as sanding, carried out by qualified personnel.

Certification for a secure purchase

Of course, in addition to all these advantages, bamboo wood also has some defects that should be known to better weight the choice. If, for example, the selected product is a wood taken too quickly without the plant having properly matured, the risk is to find a floor that is too soft and durable. Usually, non-carbonated or stranded bamboo flooring does not have this problem, which can be highlighted in the dark parquet, those subjected to heat treatments, the weakest structure. Another limit is represented by the difficulty of setting in interiors from the more traditional and classic style.

Bamboo Parquet, Features and Sizes