Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Features

Strand woven bamboo is also called high-density bamboo. It is an improved bamboo flooring from standard bamboo flooring, more beautiful and elegant. Strand woven bamboo is only produced by 5-year-old bamboo materials, processing through selecting, boiling, drying, pressing etc.

Did you know that bamboo is not a tree (wood), but grass? It is a group of perennial evergreens in the true grass family Poaceae. It can be found mainly in East Asia and South East Asia regions. This plant is one of the most fascinating plants on Earth. Not only it is able to grow 24 inches (60 centimeters) per day, being thus one of the fastest growing organisms in the world, but it has some interesting features, making in excellent material for industrial use. It can be used as food or natural remedy, but we are interested in bamboo as a construction material, most notably a flooring material.

Bamboo has been used in housing construction for a thousand years in Japan and China and other Asian nations. With rising interest in natural housing materials, materials based on bamboo are booming also in the western countries. One of the most typical examples of use in households is strand woven bamboo flooring.

What does it mean? Strand woven bamboo flooring is produced reated by stripping young (around five years old) Moso bamboo stalks, which can be found in Guangzhou Zhujiang province in China. The removed parts are then boiled in water and soaked in boric acid (simple safe chemical, used to reduce fire hazard and remove sugars to prevent growth of termites). The resulting product is woven with a plasticizer (therefore called 'strand woven). Finally, the bamboo is crushed with heat press and cut into flooring blocks.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is significant long term household investment. Compared to the traditional laminate bamboo flooring, which is simply cut, strand woven bamboo flooring has two times higher density, which gives the flooring some unique features, which make it probably the most exclusive flooring available.

  • Sustainability: while oak tree grows for 120 years, bamboo is harvested every 4-6 years. It produces more oxygen than trees.
  • Wonderful natural color pattern
  • Very long durability (thanks to higher density) - this flooring is suitable for high traffic or even patio areas
  • Easy care
  • Easy refinish
  • Easy to install
  • Last but not least - approximately 50% cheaper than hardwood flooring!

Standard bamboo has single natural texture, and strand woven bamboo has very similar texture with hardwood after carbonized and woven process. Strand woven bamboo has different kinds of texture, like waves, strips etc.

Strand woven bamboo is maximizing to use bamboo materials, over 90%.

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