Solid Bamboo Flooring

Solid bamboo flooring is produced from the rapid growth of vegetation plant - bamboo, through high temperature and high pressure, combined with non-toxic and eco friendly glue. Bamboo is grown mainly in Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian and Zhejiang Province ( Huangshan Mountain is the center of bamboo plantation ). The growth of bamboo can stretch 30-40 cm per day at the beginning of months, after 4 to 6 years, bamboo is into cutting period that is maturity. We will cut down the bamboo from the mountains, to remove excess foliage and smaller parts (not suitable for the production of quality bamboo flooring).

Harvested bamboo will go through the following process to become a quality bamboo floor.

  • 1) Cut pole: 5 m length of bamboo will be cut into 1.2 m;
  • 2) Slice strips bamboo pole will be sliced into strips with 8mm thickness;
  • 3) Remove green: The green surface of bamboo strips need be removed otherwise it will seriously affect the bonding strength;
  • 4) Cook bamboo: boiling water can get rid of sugar and fat that the conditions are suitable for the survival of insects will be completely destroyed;
  • 5) Dry: bamboo cooked in boiling water has high moisture content, it cannot be pressed directly, the moisture content must be controlled to less than 12%;
  • 6) Select of bamboo strips: dried bamboo must be hand-selected, quality defects of the bamboo will be sorted out;
  • 7) Dip in glue: Bamboo strips go through dipping machine for gluing;
  • 8) Press: Glued bamboo will be pressed by 800 tons in 15 minutes;
  • 9) Cut edges: the planks after pressing need cut burrs and chips;
  • 9) Sand: Sand the planks and polish;
  • 10) Tongue and Groove: After sanding, planks will be sent into Homag which is imported from Germany for producing tongue and groove, only the precise equipment can produce excellent quality flooring;
  • 11) Coat: Taiwan Feng Qiao paint line can ensure the adhesion of paint;

Solid bamboo flooring has 2 grains by 2 different pressing methods. Horizontal grain is that bamboo strips are flat pressed in 3 layers. Vertical grain is that bamboo strips are side pressed in 1 layer.

Solid bamboo flooring has 2 colors. Natural color is original bamboo color, no any chemical treatment. Carbonized color is under carbonizing bamboo strips in the pot after inputting steam for 4-5 hours, high pressure and high temperature

Solid bamboo flooring size is 960 x 96 x 15 mm.

Solid bamboo flooring can be provided to the interior decoration is very good diversity. Bamboo is a unique, natural, but also a good alternative to solid wood. Bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly flooring, bamboo flooring has very low formaldehyde emission.

solid bamboo flooring