Bamboo Floors Render Home An Elegant Look

Floor of a house enhances its look. People always try to have a nice floor. There are a lot of materials used for constructing floors in a great way, but bamboo has some unique features that make the floor completely unique. Hence, Bamboo flooring is a great option for you to give your home an elegant look.

Some unique features of bamboo flooring

  • Flooring is dent-resistant, hard, durable, eco-friendly and healthy.
  • The look of the floor is just like the natural color of bamboo.
  • This material can easily be availed for plywood, veneer and flooring as it is green, elegant and strong grass.
  • Bamboo is environmental friendly and thus accepted by most of the customers nowadays. Thus, bamboo is used in flooring store, home and hotels today.
  • The completely unique bamboo floor has a high density of 750 kg/m cube and low formaldehyde, which has an emission of 0.015 mg/ cube m.
  • It is very easy to get bamboos for flooring, all over the world.

Different types of bamboo floors

If you want to know what should be the best look for your floor, then you should go through the different types of bamboo floors. Some of them are included as stand click, click strand, click lock strand, plywood flooring, industrial parquet, Bamboo HDF, wide plank, radiant bamboo, woven, decking, heating, industrial, solid, engineered and flooring accessories. Each one has some different and unique features that make it different from other bamboo floors. The designs are brilliant, which gives a natural and beautiful look. You can easily select the best bamboo floor, according to your budget and need.

Why should you select bamboo?

It is clear that bamboo is a grass and not a kind of wood, thus it is healthier than any other variety of wood. It has a great collection in flooring patterns. The installation process is very simple. As compared to maple and oak, it is 20% harder and its durability is also very high. This has consistent quality of flooring, as it is a mature and stable product. If you go through the colors, then you will get different color of bamboo, which would also give variety in look of the room; as well as stores that is much appreciated by people.

Hence, the complete process of harvesting and slicing or cutting, prior to carbonizing, boiling and drying to remove sugar, so to use the bamboos to press the strips for good flooring; is extremely beneficial to the customers. The floors of bamboo are getting a positive feedback from the customers; who have used it.

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