Few Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is among the most innovative and attractive flooring materials to hit the market. Bamboo has developed its presence in the industry as proven as proven flooring alternatives. It is beautiful, versatile, affordable and also environmental friendly. Since it has all these benefits, its popularity has skyrocketed these days. You can choose bamboo as your flooring choice after learning a few things about how it is created and how you can use it. Continue reading more to get the most benefit of bamboo flooring for your house.

Which room will the bamboo floor be installed in?

Bamboo flooring is a flexible and long-lasting product that is suitable for your house's flooring. It has become increasingly popular in restaurants, marriage halls, and even houses. There are two types of bamboo flooring. One is solid bamboo, and the other one is engineered bamboo flooring. Both can be utilized in rooms where there is the problem of humidity and temperature like kitchens, conservatories and laundry rooms. This is because the floor has the ability to expand and compress when the environment changes. However, you should never use flooring in the bathrooms because it is not waterproof.

What type of subfloor do you have now?

The existing subfloor refers to what type of flour do you have in your house right now. There are many types of popular subfloor materials like plywood, wooden floor boards, concrete and bitumen. Make sure to see the subfloor is smooth and is on the level and dry; otherwise, it will not give that look when you led the bamboo flooring over it. It will also harm the flooring once it is installed. The technique of flooring depends on what type of subfloor your house has. You must consult an expert before installing the bamboo flooring.

How busy is the room likely to be?

Although bamboo flooring is extremely strong and long-lasting, but different flooring has buried strengths and characteristics. If bamboo flooring is there in the kitchen, hall or any business building, you must choose strand woven bamboo flooring because it is two times stronger than horizontal and vertical bamboo.

Do you already have under floor heating?

Under floor heating means the flooring contracts in response to temperature fluctuations. As a result, the flooring can expand, and it can lead to harmful effects on the floors. Both engineered and solid bamboo flooring is suitable for this. You have to examine your provider if they have tested with under floor heating to guarantee it is compatible.

What is your financial situation?

Bamboo flooring is a low-cost, high-quality substitute for hardwood flooring that costs around three times more than bamboo flooring. The cost of bamboo flooring depends on the plank's composition, the installation process and the finishing. For example, if you have installed engineered strand woven bamboo flooring with additional fitting systems and anti-slip lacquer, then you are required to pay more than digital bamboo flooring with groove fitting methods and ordinary lacquer.

What kind of flooring do you want, and what shade do you want it to be?

The three basic designs for bamboo flooring are horizontal, vertical, and strand woven bamboo flooring. In horizontal bamboo planks, there are patterns on the surface which is more visible and wider. In vertical bamboo flooring, you will get finer grains than strand woven bamboo. You will get a simple grain look in strand woven bamboo flooring. The colors of bamboo flooring are neutral colors like pale and golden touch. You can use different also like white and black to create a more unique effect.

Is the bamboo flooring environmentally friendly?

Bamboo flooring is low maintenance and environmentally beneficial option two hardwood. Bamboo is generally considered a tree, but it is a Grass which means it grows significantly faster and develops in five years. There is no need to replant bamboo since the root continues to grow after cutting, so you are not required to replant it.

If you want to make sure that the company selling bamboo flooring is actually eco friendly or not, then you must see the proper certifications before purchasing. The company will have certified documents from FSC if the bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly.

Few Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Bamboo Flooring