Bamboo Flooring Expansion Deformation

Bamboo flooring has beautiful color, flexible, anti-moisture, its hardness is stronger than solid wood flooring, but also keep the bamboo cool features. In addition, bamboo flooring also has the following characteristics:

Less color variation. Growth of small radius bamboo, not seriously affected by sunlight, there is no obvious difference between male and female faces, which is smaller than the wood floor color. Bamboo flooring manufactured by fresh bamboo has rich pattern and uniform color.

Strong hardness. Bamboo is one of the highest plant among all the hardness of the plant world, crude fiber structure of the plant, its natural hardness of the wood more than twice as high, and not easily deformed, the service life can reach 20 years.

Save resources. Bamboo growing considerably shorter than trees, generally 5-9 years for processing bamboo flooring is the most appropriate. Therefore, the use of bamboo flooring can help reduce the use of wood, and the cost is relatively cheap.

Small gap. Bamboo flooring is dried from single bamboo strips, wood flooring is dried whole. Therefore, bamboo flooring has small shrinkage because water treatment compared with wood flooring uniform.

Deformation. Bamboo floors are straight fibers pressed, easy to produce distortion. Wood flooring fiber arrangement is complicated, easy to distort. When the bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring while soaking in water for 24 hours, the swelling deformation rate of bamboo flooring is only half of solid wood flooring, very big difference. Bamboo flooring rate is only 0.8%.

Pavement with good overall results. Bamboo flooring is ruled by all-but good overall pavement effect. The wood floor texture has cut the chord pattern with different diameter cut ruled, paving difficult to obtain a good overall result.

Anti-moth. Moth-eaten plate of the main reasons for the sugar contained in the material itself. The manufacturer of bamboo flooring is used in sugar-free treatment, the material temperature cooking, which destroys the sugar, thereby undermining the insect food, played a role in anti-moth thoroughly. The most critical process of bamboo flooring bamboo flooring Unlike the traditional sense easy to crack and deformation rattan bamboo products. Bamboo flooring with different processing technology, is the original bamboo by modern mechanized steam, boiling, bleaching and other high-temperature sterilization treatment, processing into an integrated plate. Such as surface and bottom bamboo flooring is bamboo, glued together by the middle of fir, poplar and other soft materials, the flexural strength and surface hardness, wear degree is about twice higher than the wood floors and better flexibility.

bamboo flooring expansion