Domotex Hannover 2016 - Flooring Fair

In flooring market, there are 3 most important fairs - Domotex Hannover, Domotex Shanghai and Las Vegas. This means 3 important markets in the world - Europe is the traditional flooring consuming countries, USA is the largest flooring market, China is the biggest bamboo flooring manufactures in the world.

Domotex Hannover is mainly for European market. Hannover is the famous city of fair in Europe and exhibition halls are biggest in the world. Germany is the biggest country in Europe and it is an import and re-seller location for Europe. Importers purchased containers directly from China and distribute and retail to customers. Domoteox Hannover is the biggest floor covering trade fair in the world.

Exhibitors from European countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal come and make the show booth there. Also China factories come there to touch the customers by their own hands and show their own brands to prove they are not only manufacturer but also brand builder and product innovators.

Domotex Hannover is 2nd week of Jan every year. In 2014, Domotex Hannover had 40000 visitors - buyers and professionals and 1350 exhibitors from Europe and China. In 2015, 60% visitors were outside of Germany. This makes Domotex Hannover more international and bigger influence.

In Domotex Hannover 2015, there were 45000 visitors and 1371 exhibitors arrived in this amazing fair.

Domotex Hannover is the right and only place where all the suppliers, manufacturers come by together every year from Europe and Far East to display their latest products and complete range of floor covering products for European market.

Show Date: Jan 16 to Jan 19, 2016

Show Venue: Hannover Exhibition Center

domotex hannover
domotex hannover