Click Lock Bamboo Flooring Reviews

Bamboo flooring is a process of manufacturing floor from raw bamboo trees. Bamboo is regarded as a grass since it can easily be harvested within 3-5years. Bamboo floors are a beautiful and more durable alternative for hardwoods. Bamboo flooring is an easy to install eco-friendly flooring which provides a wide range of color options. Bamboo flooring has a wide range of floorings like solid, strand woven, engineered, click, click strand, heating, decking, industrial and flooring accessories.

Click bamboo flooring is of two types: Click lock bamboo flooring and Click strand woven bamboo flooring.

A modified design of engineered bamboo flooring, the click lock bamboo flooring is also known as DIY Bamboo Flooring. This click lock system is produced by Homag machine which can make zero tolerance and.

Click bamboo flooring is very easy to install and the installation process can be done by most of the people without too much difficulty. With the click lock bamboo flooring, you can snap planks together and "float" on top of a sub-floor. It is available in two sizes: 1900 x 190 x 14 mm and 2200 x 190 x 14 mm. This flooring is accessible in natural and carbonized colors with vertical or horizontal designs. Its hardness is 1100-1300 per Janka scale. The glue used is dynea, European 1 standard and finishing is done with Satin Aluminum Oxide enhanced UV-cured urethane with anti-scratch top coat. Click bamboo flooring is used in houses, hotels, schools, offices, apartments and restaurants.

Click strand woven bamboo flooring is the regular strand woven bamboo flooring with a click lock system. It is very efficient for the people who like strand woven bamboo flooring but also want to install click lock profile.

Though stains can be made during coating for click strand bamboo to acquire various colors like cherry, chocolate, grey, black and teak, the standard bamboo flooring only has natural and carbonized color. The click lock profile is of valinage click type with no glue. They have a long and wide board which is thin and light with a high density and stability and a hardness of 3000 per Janka scale. The finishing is the same as click lock bamboo flooring but the installation is not of floating type rather nail or glue-down. This flooring is available in two dimensions 1850 x 135 x 14 mm and 1850 x 115 x 14 mm.

click lock bamboo flooring