How to Clean Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Strand woven bamboo flooring has so nice looking, so strong durability, so high density, people love it unbelievably. They wonder how to maintain and clean this lovely bamboo flooring to extend its life. Some owners complain about cleaning strand woven bamboo flooring. In fact, it is not difficult. Make use of some ordinary items and you will find it easy to clean your floor. Here today, we will share some amazing tips with you.

1. Clean strand woven bamboo flooring with candles

You can collect remaining candles and then cut off the wick. Add some turpentine in wax, and place it to boil in cold water. You can store it in a pot after cooling. You can make it a little hot before you use it to clean the bamboo flooring. That will be easier for cleaning.

2. Make the lotion by yourself

Put soft soap, fuller earth, soda in a large pot with certain portion. Boil them to half volume, then store it after cooling. Brush with the liquid along the lines of strand woven bamboo flooring, and then wash the floor with water and make it dry.

3. Make good use of oil, milk and tea

When you scrub strand woven bamboo flooring, you can add some oil to the water which can make it bright. Or make use of milk and a little vinegar, it can not only remove stains but also rub your floor brightly as well as high dense tea.

4. Clean egg stains with salt

Sprinkle some salt where there are egg stains and then wash strand woven bamboo flooring after 10-15 minutes. It is easy to clean egg stains on the floor.

5. Cleaning glass fragments with adhesive tap and cleaner

Glass fragments are very dangerous, you can stick them by adhesive tape. Or rub the floor with wet soap so that the glass crumbs will stick to the soap. You can scrap them off before you rub it again.

In regular condition, such strong bamboo flooring will not get broken by our family stuff, but please leave the far distance of sharping objects away from this beautiful flooring, also it is a must to avoid of water absorption to the flooring otherwise strand woven bamboo flooring will get swelling and cupping, this is a big destroy and damage, will take a long time to recover.

How to Clean Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring