Bamboo Veneer: The Durable Choice

Bamboo's existence has been noted for thousands of years and helps in creating many useful products. They have been a significant source of food, building different materials and many more. The tensile strength of bamboo can even compete with steel. They are the fastest growing plants in the world. In today's world of multiple uses and a variety of alternatives, bamboo holds its place as a formidable material.

In the present day world, where everyone wants to give an attractive look to their house can opt for bamboo veneer for their furniture, shelving, tables, walls, cabinetry, and much more. It gives an ethnic look to your house. Bamboo veneer is strong and offers you a way to make attractive panels for desktops, tables, cabinets, cabinet doors, and so on. They are environment friendly too. Here are five reasons why bamboo veneer should be your top choice.

  • 1. Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo Veneer is the most environment friendly wood veneer available. It is classified as a grass and not wood, can grow around a foot and a half per day.
  • 2. Cost Effective: Bamboo isn't the lowest-priced veneer neither it is too costly and offers high quality, style and eco-friendliness, making it worth for the money.
  • 3. Color Variety: Bamboo comes in a natural color, which is yellowish or blonde, and a carbonized color, which is a buckskin or tan. All the colors often go well with your home.
  • 4. Aesthetic look: It gives an earthy feel and is perfect for areas like porches, patios and balconies. It can have the same structural integrity as many hardwoods. Bamboo is a great choice if you like to redesign your room once in a while. You can also accent your existing furniture with bamboo veneers. Bamboo veneer furniture comes with a solid wood interior and a bamboo outer layer.
  • 5. Compliments season: It complements the seasons as it remains cool and fresh in the summer time and warm during winter.

As we all know that bamboo is sensitive to water, so it should not be over washed or left out in the rain. It should be occasionally cleaned with a dry or damp cloth, and the dust and grit should be removed with a mop or vacuum cleaner. Any spills should be wiped off immediately so that stains and water marks do not settle down and spoil your furniture. Scraping with steel wool or any abrasive material should be avoided as it can scratch the lamination and make it brittle and will also lose its shine.

Its natural beauty makes it stand out even against the most expensive woods, and its neutral tones allow it to fit in with almost any theme. As long as you choose well and take good care of it, your bamboo furniture can give you excellent value for your money.

Decorating with bamboo furniture is something different, new, and exciting to consider for your living space.

Bamboo Veneer: The Durable Choice