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Amazing Bamboo Scale

Weight scale is a very popular household stuff, but have you seen this fantastic bamboo scale? You will be totally impressed by this amazing scale and wonder how it can be designed like this. It can be cracking? It can give the real weight scale. No doubt, bamboo scale is very flexible and strong enough to hold the people to weigh himself/herself, but the weight limit is 90kg, not more than.

Bamboo scale has a very ingenious design by using bamboo's tenacity, bamboo is actually very strong and is famous world-widely by its flexibility. The major material is bamboo veneer, multiple layers laminated of thin bamboo veneer, single layer of bamboo is easy cracked, but several layers are getting stronger.

When you stand on bamboo scale, it will be pressed to be lower to reveal your corresponding scale mark. The scale marks are set according to the bending degree of bamboos under different pressures. The heavier you got, the lower the scale will be. So, when you see very low of scale mark, you might have a very strong and immediate decision to lose weight and keep body fit because you are afraid of bamboo scale cracking with your so-heavy weight.

Bamboo scale is designed by Lei Shi and Yujie Hong, thanks for their great innovative creation for bamboo.

bamboo scale
bamboo scale