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Bamboo Plywood Color Options

Bamboo plywood has various colors available, from very beginning of bamboo manufacturing, there were only 2 colors – natural and carbonized. Natural is the original color of bamboo itself, carbonized is the process of putting bamboo strips into a steel carbonization pot and inputting high temperature steam into the pot, after a few hours, the bamboo strips will have a slightly color changing, from original natural color to carbon. This is a physical method to change the color of bamboo, no any chemical stuff involved, so carbonized color is safe and health because the carbonization can dry the strips deeper.

Colors: For natural color, we will sort out Light, Medium and Dark because the bamboo itself will have ages difference, we have 4-6 years of bamboo, and different ages have different color after splitting bamboo trunks into strips, from outside, you won’t see the big difference. For carbonized color, we also will sort out 3 levels. 2 reasons, first is the age of bamboo, second the steam time. When bamboo stays in the pot for longer time, the color will be darker. After a few years, we extend the color to strand woven natural and strand woven carbonized, the color of strand woven will be darker than standard natural and carbonized because the process of strand woven includes a heat treatment during pressing, this causes the color to be darker. The chocolate color is very special and we do much longer time in the carbonization pot, this color is only suitable for vertical grain or side pressed, because the bamboo strips are getting fragile and easy cracking, horizontal grain or flat pressed is not possible for a production.

Patterns: All patterns were named according to the pressing ways of bamboo strips. Horizontal means bamboo strips are flat-pressed, strips next to each other and layer by layer. It can show the bamboo knots clearly from appearance. Vertical means bamboo strips are pressed vertically, strips face to face, it is one layer, but all strips side toward the outside. Strand woven is a new pressing solution with big destroying and innovation. The strips will be crushed by machine on purpose then press them together with a very high pressing machine to compress the volume and get the density higher than horizontal and vertical.

The above is for single layer of bamboo plywood, for different thickness, we will have different combination of pressing ways, for example, 20mm can be 1 layer in vertical or 3 layers in horizontal and vertical. The multiple layers of horizontal and vertical states only for the face side and bottom side. For the core layers will be horizontal or vertical or both depending on the thickness. For example, 40mm will have 5 layers, face and bottom side can be horizontal or vertical, but the core layers will always be 2 layers of horizontal and 1 layer of vertical. We have many options, please consult with us before the order.

Bamboo Plywood Color Options

#1: Horizontal Caramel: This is a typical color and pattern of bamboo plywood, a warm color, RECOMMENDED!

#2: Horizontal Natural: A light color with clear bamboo texture. It can match with your distinctive taste.

#3: Vertical Caramel: Most of customers take this option, vertical is strong, caramel is warm, absolutely a good choice. RECOMMENDED!

#4: Vertical Natural: Even lighter than natural in horizontal because the vertical strips are narrow than horizontal.

#5: Strand Woven Caramel: The manufacturing process displays its advantages – high strength, high density, high durability. If you like good quality bamboo, take it, you won’t regret. RECOMMENDED!

#6: Strand Woven Natural: You want both light color and high quality, then take this one. It is your only choice.

#7: Strand Woven Tiger: Tiger is a mix of strand woven natural and strand woven caramel in certain of percentage, like 30:70 or 50:50, depending on your favorite. It is a very fashionable color, very eye-catching color.

#8: Vertical Chocolate: This is a unique color, darker than any colors of above, after painting, the old style comes out immediately.