Usage of Bamboo Panels for Cost Effective Application

Nowadays, bamboo products like bamboo panels, fencing, as well as floor matting has got a high acceptance among people and many of them are using it for setting up their house or shop interiors. It is pretty easy to install, maintain, and far cost effective than other materials used for the same purpose and these all further contributes to the popularity of bamboo globally.

Apart from the factors of cost effectiveness and natural look, bamboo panel is having many practical functionality too while used in commercial settings like retail stores or restaurants etc. Being an eco-friendly product, it also helps you to enjoy the opportunity to pay back to the nature and get the feel of living so close to mother earth. Further we will discuss about the options to use bamboo panels for commercial settings.

For offices

There are different ideas to be thought of in using bamboo paneling at offices. Just try setting up the colorful panels behind the reception to create a cool welcome area for the visitors. You can use bamboo blinds to separate the reception area for them workspace, so it serves multi-purpose. Bamboo panels can also be used to set up the partitions between the workstations and also can be used to build the false walls between the office cabins.

For stores and shops

While you are using bamboo at your retail stores, you should keep an eye on the texture as well as to take care of the creativity while installing it. You can easily hang on the bamboo matting or paneling on the walls to give a unique look to the entire space. You can also draw out the signs and displays on such panels. At free spaces, you can decorate them with artwork or can use it wisely for displaying items.

You can also use bamboo panels at restaurants as well as other commercial venues, not just to give the space a natural look, but also to server myriad of functional purposes. When compared to the hardwood panels, bamboo boards are much more flexible and versatile, but having the same strength and durability of any other materials used for similar purposes. Bamboo panel is also highly resistant to wear and tear and has got a high capacity to withstand extreme heat and damp atmospheric conditions. Moreover, bamboo is eco-friendly, which is the new mantra of the world.

bamboo panels usage