Bamboo Panels for Furniture Materials Become Fashion Stars

Environmental protection and become the most popular, most talked about topic because she is closely related with each one of us, a better environment that people can live comfortable, healthy products that people can be assured that the furniture is essential for every family large its quality is good or bad, directly affect the health of each family member. Traditional furniture is made from plywood, block board, MDF paste made of leather, formaldehyde content is very high, there are a lot of people because of excessive inhalation of formaldehyde and disease, painful case everywhere. Now, with green bamboo furniture, can subvert the traditions of the past, to lead the new trend, the whole bamboo furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials (bamboo) through scientific and rational deep processing, bamboo panel board is a major component of bamboo furniture.

Structural stability, reliable quality bamboo furniture panels are made of bamboo carefully selected scientific overlay, set with green plastic synthesis at high temperature and pressure state, has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and has a low coefficient of swelling, no cracking and deformation, anti-moth, mildew, not unglued, the physical properties of 2-3 times the normal hardwood. Its hardness up 32HB (beech 24HB), high density (per cm3 of 0.79g, beech 0.63g), compressive strength of 1271kg / cm2 (beech ≤600kgs), bamboo board with different specifications sheet, a wide range of superior physical properties used in building materials, transport equipment, sports facilities, furniture industry, durable, nice.

Length: ≤4000mm

Width: ≤1220mm

Thickness: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, etc.

Color: Natural, carbonization, strand woven bamboo color, strand woven bamboo carbonation, carbonation

Structure: flat pressure side pressure, the cross, strand woven bamboo

Bamboo board in recent years through continuous improvement process matures. Bamboo panels board with strength dimensional stability, no insects, resistance to cracking and so on. Making bamboo furniture production of high-quality materials.

1) natural environment, made from natural materials: bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet radiation, antistatic beneficial to human health. In particular, the depth of the plate after charring, processed into bamboo furniture permanent does not change color, will enhance the role of indoor harmful gas adsorption.

2) high-temperature cooking, three anti-treatment: complete sterilization by high-temperature cooking, different from the traditional craft bamboo furniture to prevent insects from fundamentally hair enzyme. Strictly control the pressure and moisture, bamboo crisscross arrangement and other scientific process to ensure that bamboo furniture to prevent cracking and deformation aspects beyond the wood.

3) fresh beautiful, elegant: natural bamboo color, flexible, able to moisture, high hardness. To achieve the perfect combination of fashion and eco-friendly, bamboo sheets do not need edging side, textures transparent, low formaldehyde healthier.

American and European countries has been widely used bamboo board furniture manufacturing, production of the stairs, kitchen table boards, etc., are to be elegant bamboo color, texture clear, broad bamboo culture deeply impressed, people recognized her, love she uses her make bamboo into millions of households.

Bamboo Panels for Furniture