Laminate Flooring vs Bamboo Flooring

How is bamboo flooring compared with laminate flooring? As a consumer, you might get confused to make the decision to choose bamboo or laminate, so I list several points to clarify their each advantages and disadvantages.

Environment vs Formaldehyde

Bamboo flooring: It is pressed with 3 layers of bamboo strips and it is glued with DYNEA glue which is imported from Finland. Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly product and it also releases bamboo smell. The DYNEA glue has really low formaldehyde emission and it is E1 standard.

Laminate flooring: It is produced by MDF which has used multiple times of glue than bamboo flooring, of course, the formaldehyde emission is quite higher than bamboo flooring.

Foot feeling vs Mute

Bamboo flooring: It has same thickness of solid hardwood flooring, like 15mm and 18mm, so foot feeling is very close to hardwood floor. Also, the ratio of heat conduction of bamboo is very low, so bamboo flooring can adjust the temperature and moisture of rooms. Cool in summer and warm is winter.

Laminate flooring: Thickness of laminate flooring is around 8mm, 10mm. When people walk on it, it is very hard, and as laminate flooring is thin, so it is more suitable for heating system flooring.

Lifetime vs Hardness

Bamboo flooring: It is coated on surface and the coating hardness is 4H, abrasion rotating amount is over thousands. Bamboo flooring is over one time than hardwood in bending strength, hardness and tensile strength. Bamboo flooring can be used over 25 years in theoretical.

Laminate flooring: The abrasion depends on the abrasion paper on surface. This paper has a lot of aluminum oxide on top, and aluminum oxide is very strong for abrasion. The abrasion rotating amount is over 6000 and laminate flooring can be used 10-15 years in theoretical.

Style vs Tongue+ Groove

Bamboo flooring only has natural color and carbonized color, horizontal structure and vertical structure. But with simple colors and structures, it can create natural, elegant and comfortable rooms. Bamboo flooring is always standard tongue and groove, with engineered bamboo flooring, it can be click system.

Laminate flooring: It has many styles, colors, grains, any color you want, it can be on laminate, because the factory will produce each color paper. The grain can be hand scraped, sculpture, subdued light and mirror face. Tongue and groove can be V structure, U structure, R structure, and click is laminate standard tongue and groove.


Bamboo flooring: The price of vertical is expensive than horizontal because vertical need more strips for producing. Bamboo flooring has very even color, very stable structure, and can be refinished after a few years. Price is cheaper than hardwood flooring, but has same functions of hardwood floor.

Laminate flooring: It is cheap flooring and used in some areas with less maintenance because it can be replaced after a few months.

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