Bamboo Flooring Reviews and Bamboo Flooring Analysis

Bamboo flooring is a material for the installation of laminate floors. Bamboo is durable material that is very little used in the West as the laminate flooring. Now, the bamboo flooring is marketed to raise awareness of the environment, thanks to its 100% ecological feature. The raw material used in producing bamboo flooring is bamboo, a natural element that can regenerate in 5 years. Besides, the production and transportation process is very aware of the environment.

Bamboo flooring, an ecological flooring

Bamboo is a new material which is widely used in China and India. This material is considered to be a very hard fiber known as steel grass. It is more resistant, stable, elastic and durable than other woods such as oak. Besides, this eco-friendly material as self-coating regulates the temperature of the house according to the temperature (in summer, it is cool, and in winter it is hot). It is also slip resistant and absorbs noise.

Bamboo flooring, the alternative to deforestation of tropical woods

The most endangered natural resource is hardwood, especially tropical timber. We have an alternative to solve this problem. Bamboo is a plant that has many qualities and characteristics similar to wood. This type of plant is the one that grows fastest in the world. A third of bamboo trunks can be cut each year, without their population shrinking due to their rapid growth.

The new era of bamboo has arrived. A bamboo is probably an unknown option, but it is a solid flooring that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. There are shops that have installed bamboo flooring, although it is spaced with soils solicited.

Advantages of bamboo flooring or bamboo laminate flooring

Here are the benefits of laminate flooring or bamboo flooring:

• Full control of the production phase

• Alternative to parquet or laminate flooring in eco-durable solid wood

• Great resistance to scratches, bumps, and stains caused by furniture, shocks or liquids. This feature is achieved thanks to the quality varnish that will be applied to bamboo

• Easy cleaning and maintenance

• Does not require any subsequent maintenance

• Easily adapts to climate change: great adaptation to humid environments

• Large thermal conductor adapts to the radiant floor heating system

• Variety of finishes and tones

• Soft touch and great resistance

• There are waterproof bamboo flooring, perfect for use in kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms

• Some ranges are stronger and harder than conventional laminate wood floors

• Durable material because it is a natural product of plant origin

For those who decide to purchase parquet from bamboo - reviews will serve as an additional incentive since they characterize this material exclusively from the positive side.

Economic price, compared to wooden parquet, because of its wide availability of raw material (compared to wood that takes several years to grow). Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and is cheaper than wood.

Caring for bamboo flooring does not take much time and does not require any special costs. Daily dry cleaning and not too frequent wet, using ordinary water, will keep the coating in good condition. This also contributes to the maintenance of optimum humidity in the room at 60%. Although the material is sufficiently wear-resistant, but the prevention of mechanical damage is never superfluous: you need to put felt pads on the legs of the furniture, then when you move it, there will definitely be no traces on the floor.

If you are ready to discover something new, sophisticated and luxurious, then bamboo floors are perfect for you. They combine the warmth that gives us the usual tree, and the exotic appearance. The low cost of bamboo parquet makes it possible to use it not only for its intended purpose but also to be widely used in decorating walls, niches and other interior elements, which helps to create an original room design.

Bamboo Flooring Reviews and Bamboo Flooring Analysis