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Bamboo Flooring Jiangxi

Jiangxi province is one of biggest bamboo resources in China. They are ranked as second in the bamboo resources. There are 1.5 billion bamboo, bamboo for production, like flooring, fencing, furniture, output reached 40.86 million, it is a unique advantage for the development of bamboo industry. The development of bamboo industry in Jiangxi province will also be given the relevant departments attach great importance to building green in Jiangxi, good green bank on mountain as a strategy proposed, the bamboo industry in Jiangxi Province to accelerate adjustment of industrial structure of agriculture, an important guiding for farmers to get rich and feel happyness. This is bamboo flooring Jiangxi favorable conditions for factories to build brands. If the majority of bamboo flooring manufacturers across the province can have a brand, creating the concept of cause, bamboo flooring industry, a large increase in Jiangxi Province, a large development of the spring is not far away.

The total amount of bamboo in Zhejiang is only about 60% of Jiangxi Province, but the amount of finished bamboo flooring is 3 times of Jiangxi Province, exporting is 10 times than Jiangxi. For example, Anji, a town of Zhejiang, their bamboo industry value and production value are 400 million yuan over than Jiangxi. For the success of enterprises in Zhejiang, Jiangxi factories never try to find out the answer from the growth of process. In fact, Zhejiang factories invested great importance to building the brand, in the same market, Zhejiang bamboo flooring's profits are made from the brand's value.

According to statistics, bamboo flooring manufacturers in Jiangxi Province are 140, of which 40 manufacturers for producing finished bamboo flooring, there are 100 factories for producing bamboo block or unfinished bamboo flooring or just selling raw bamboo materials. These factories are mostly temporary horse town, and the overall quality is low, if the market experiencing some trouble, they can only resort to price cuts. The Jiangxi province has nearly 1,500 bamboo-business companies, as much as 35% of them without a license for the undocumented artisanal enterprises. Most of them are no long-term vision, not bigger and stronger bamboo flooring industry, grand ambitions, often can make money on the production, and stop the production without profit. Also, the quality is really low, lack of service awareness. Because of this, bamboo flooring manufacturer in Jiangxi Province are numerous, but very few consumers are aware of the brand.

Totally, bamboo flooring manufacturers have the reputation of really low price, in the meantime, really low quality, because they have no idea to run the factories in long term, but short time business or one time business. Jiangxi province is famous in the big quantity of bamboo resources, but their bamboo-flooring-owners are not trustable in the business.

bamboo flooring jiangxi
bamboo flooring jiangxi