Bamboo Flooring for Stairs

If you’re looking for floorings for your stairs and get confused in choosing, bamboo flooring or any other hardwood floorings. Here we are provides you best options for your floorings. Here we are going to provides you all details about the bamboo flooring; advantages and drawbacks of bamboo flooring in your home.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in all around the world, and a renewable material, as because they are not cut from the roots so that the main reason they can grow again in such a short period. Bamboo flooring is of renewable quality; it is so hard, strong, light weight, durable, and the water resistant and gives you a lifelong performance. And if you use bamboo shoot as for floorings, paneling and for furniture purposes it will give you a new appearance to your room, living-room, stairs, terrace and much more and most importantly it works in the interest of environment.

Stairs bamboo flooring is the best option to gives a new, stylish, smooth, attractive and eco-friendly look to your stairs. Stairs bamboo flooring give you durability, attractiveness to your stairs and it has been available over than 20 years in the market. Nowadays people are more often aware about the environment, so they use bamboo flooring for stylish looking.

Choosing the right option is the main work in interior designing; what will suit to your room, terrace, stairs, living-room, hall it all depends on you. The most important that bamboo flooring for stair is cheaper than other hardwood, tiles, marbles and other stone. Also with the cheapness it is very stylish, effective, and versatile. Stairs bamboo flooring is the best option to give your stair new look.

Bamboo flooring on your stairs gives your stairs a new adorable and beautiful appearance and a nature friendly environment. Other hardwoods and marbles tiles and floors are not heat resistance and versatile, bamboo is heat resistance and gives you pleasure of nature. Bamboo flooring on stairs gives your garden look. As bamboo flooring is so hard and strong which easily handle the weights’ and water resistance and give the pleasure of walking on woods.

Benefits of bamboo flooring in your stairs:

• Graceful: bamboo is now a trendy material for decoration of you stairs interior. It makes your stairs space beautiful and charming. It is different from the normal hardwoods and provides you a natural experience on your stairs.

• Easy to preserve: bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain but you should have to take some normal regular care of bamboo floors. For this you have to vacuum small particles, and clean with non-wax, non-alkaline with bamboo floor cleaner on your stairs.

• Natural stuff: bamboo is a natural material and it will give your floor a look of nature. Bamboo flooring are easily to be found in different designs. It provides you a feel of natural beauty on your stairs. Nowadays bamboo flooring is in trends because people are attractive more towards the environment awareness.

Demerits of bamboo flooring in stairs:

• Atmosphere ambiguous: bamboo is the natural supply so they are highly renewable resources. Use of bamboos make number of environmental concerns all around the world, since people are working for environmental protection they are opposing it for increasing in toxicity of interior space. People are cutting down forests for their commercial purpose since they want to grow bamboo in place of other plants.

• Production of VOC’s: bamboo floor planks are created by wedging, cut into strips, of bamboo grass plants and then give them heat to adding the pieces together with pressure and resin-based adhesive which is made of some non organic chemicals which can harm air of interior place over the time.

• Scratches: bamboo floors are easy preserve but it is nearly unfeasible to preserve it always great, since there are certain spiteful things which can harm your bamboo floor by giving it scratches on your stairs floorings.

• Humidity: as we know that bamboos are water resistant but when the water on floor for more time than it grows moisture since bamboos are also made of natural, unrefined rudiments.

• Low grading system: there is grading systems which can rating bamboos quality substance for your stairs purposes, since grading is the most important factor before buying it.

Bamboo Flooring for Stairs