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Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fence is produced from selected naturally grown bamboo, according to the size and color of the guests need to undergo all sorts of leaves and the surface after high-temperature cooking, baking, fumigation and a series of mildew, moth treatment. Bamboo fence is produced all by selected fresh bamboo.

We use the copper wire going through the middle of bamboo pole, weaving bamboo poles by this copper wire into the fence. Bamboo poles are standing together tightly and closely. Each fence is packed by a woven bag suitable for sea shipping and safety.

Bamboo fence, the most important advantage is low cost but without compromising the quality of construction, and durable, taking up less space. After appropriate treatment, bamboo can have a life of up to 30 years. It can increase the durability of the bamboo fence after carefully selected bamboo species, preservative treatment, the use of auxiliary materials and aging or damaged part of the regular replacement. Bamboo fence design and construction have more flexibility, one of the advantages is the ability to get through the replacement of defective parts and regular maintenance.

Bamboo fence is very suitable for courtyards, gardens, farms, leisure and other decorations of natural beauty, exquisite workmanship.

Bamboo fence has a few varieties - Moso bamboo fence, Black bamboo fence, bamboo fence stretching, and dyeing bamboo fence.

  • Moso bamboo fence: Bamboo is the most popular species - Moso or Mao zhu.
  • Black bamboo fence: The specie is black bamboo.
  • Stretching bamboo fence: This fence is not in one line, but poles will be stretched together in package and straight out after unpack.
  • Dyeing bamboo fence: Bamboo is dyed into various colors, like red, green, black.

Bamboo Fence Dimension:

Roll length: 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m

Roll width: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m

Bamboo pole diameter: 18-22 mm

Packing: woven bag in nylon

bamboo fence
bamboo fence
bamboo fence